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She storms out of the interrogation chamber in a towering fury, paying little attention to anyone who might happen to be in her way.

"Blast you, Varric Tethras, you and your tale of the Champion!"

Cassandra stalks the length of the hallway and slams the door open.

"Leliana. It is no use. We must--"

She's two steps into the bar before she realizes that it's not where she expected to be.

As the door swings shut behind her, one hand goes to her sword.

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Two heads lift and turn in her direction almost as soon as she mentions Leliana.

One belongs to an enormous brown mabari hound.

The other belongs to a small, white-haired elven mage. The elf part is obvious, and the mage part probably ought to be, because there's a staff ready-to-hand and leaning against her table, she's wearing blue and silver gryphon-decorated mage robes, and the Fade is always very near when she's around.

The black tattoo spiraling over her right eye and brow is just misdirection. (Or is it?)

A moment later Ysalwen rises, strapping her staff to her back instead of holding it in her hand. (Like hell is she leaving it behind.) Liranan trots ahead of her, holding back an anxious whine by virtue of great effort.

"Drawing that might also draw more attention than you want, if you're still catching your bearings," she offers, pausing quite a few feet away from the newcomer. Liranan goes closer, himself, making for Cassandra's right hand. He, too, pauses several feet away, but much closer than Ysalwen. Is this newcomer nice? Could she be a friend? Has she done something to Lel-friend?
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Ysalwen's voice is wry. Her expression matches it, except for the watchfulness in her dark brown eyes.

"They're good at what they do. Or so I hear. There hasn't really been a violent altercation in all the time I've been coming here."

A pause. Liranan just watches Cassandra, head tilted in curiosity, tongue lolling.

"I'm going to guess that you don't know where here is, though. I didn't, when I first showed up. I don't think most people do, either."

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"It does that. The door, I mean. No one here has yet figured out how, but take comfort. You should be able to leave again, right back to where you were, by the door you came in through."

She doesn't lift her hands to gesture. Just in case.

"The one behind you. Though if you'd like to stay awhile and learn something of the place, getting out of the way of anyone else coming in might be considered polite."

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Ysalwen turns her face into her shoulder to stifle a laugh.

"No, not at all. It's a tavern. Milliways."

Her smile is wry and a little crooked, and very small.

"I'm Ysalwen Surana, Commander of the Grey in Ferelden, and Arl of Amaranthine. There are only a few other Thedosians here, most of the rest come from other worlds. And before you ask, no, it's not the Fade. I imagine someone like you would eventually be able to tell, if you stayed here long enough. No demons, no echoes of the waking world, and no spirits. No dreamers, either."

A pause.

"This is Liranan."

The mabari lifts up his head proudly and barks. Twice.

"Do we get to know your name?"

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"Oh," Ysalwen says, icily polite, chin tilting up just a fraction. "I would never."

Liranan growls.


He subsides.

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"That's what Cullen said, too. But then I've met others that know me as the Warden-Commander. So I'm pretty sure there isn't only one Thedas out among all the worlds and realities there are. Go figure."

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The wry curve of Ysalwen's mouth increases just a hair.

"We were both at the Ferelden Circle for a time. For one. As close as I can figure the timeline split when Duncan either came or didn't come to Kinloch before it all went mad. For me, anyway."
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"Some of it gets easier with time and familiarity. A little like most things, honestly."

A pause.

"Cassandra. You can feel free to ask questions, if you like. I'll do my best to explain the answers I know, and be frank about what I don't."

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Liranan yips, tail wagging now that some of the tension has broken. They are on a first name basis! That is good!

"I'm almost certain of it, in fact. We may also want something to wet our throats while we talk, and -- maybe food? I don't know if it was near a mealtime when you came in."

She'll move in the direction of the nearby table, looking at Cassandra with one raised eyebrow before unslinging her staff from her back and resting it by her chair. Liranan makes himself comfortable at her side, sitting upright and proud. Though he will wait for Cassandra to sit before choosing a side at which to settle -- left or right.

(Just in case.)

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"Time travels in a straight line here, thank the Maker. But from our world to this -- the seasons don't even line up, sometimes. Most times?"

She shakes her head a little.

"Anyway. Food, then. Please don't be alarmed by the rats. They're very kind. And clean."

Ysalwen would wave down a waitrat, but she'll let Liranan signal, instead.

Everyone trusts a mabari.

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One of them arrives after Liranan's interrogatory yip, skittering up to the table and chittering inquiringly.


Ysalwen places an order, one full of significant quantities of food for herself and Liranan, and with probably enough left over for Cassandra. Just in case.

"Is there anything in particular you'd like for yourself, or is what I ordered sufficient?"

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The rat chitters again, then scampers away.

Liranan settle at Ysalwen's left, head resting on his paws. For now.

"You can get anything you like here, for what it's worth. There's a tab board, and I tend to pay as I go. It's -- I don't like debts. So."

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There's a flicker of dryness to her voice as she says, "I do try."

But it passes.

"First is that almost no worlds that lead her are much like our own. No Fade, no Blight, no -- no a lot of things. No qunari, probably no dwarves, but dragons and humans and elves, yes."

She doesn't laugh.

"And stranger things, besides. You'll -- well. Most people feel out of their depth a lot, particularly at first. I'd recommend trying to make friends."

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"I haven't been to one yet, not -- "

Maybe someday.

"But many of the people who come here don't believe in magic. Or don't live in a world that has it, or don't live in a world that they know has it. It's -- interesting. Some of these places have science, instead. There are giant robots in the garage, if you ever want to look. Bigger than dragons."

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It's not as if Ysalwen can't guess its presence, or something like it. Because Seeker.

Her smile is a little crooked.

"One of those magic-less worlds has giant monsters coming across from another world through a breach in the ocean."

Just saying.

"It's -- different. Not necessarily better."


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