Date: 2016-02-06 08:01 pm (UTC)
howtoactfereldan: (champions of the just)
It had been a late night and an early morning: the boy who usually does the bulk of the care for his armor has some kind of ague, so Cullen told him to stay in bed, arranged for someone to bring him broth and fetch a healer, and then cleaned and oiled his armor himself. The usual bad night followed -- bad enough that Cullen attended both the Vigils and Lauds services -- and now, the long-feared day has arrived.

It's not an Exalted March -- that much is evident -- but any templar knows that when the Seekers of Truth come to town, trouble is afoot, and heads will roll. Perhaps literally.

Cullen didn't call off any patrols, and told Donnic before his squad left to keep them out as long as possible. (Cullen didn't have to say that he'd do his best to make sure Aveline didn't catch any more attention than she had to.) If the Chantry has finally come to town, Cullen wants to make a point: they're the ones who have been keeping Kirkwall running, not the Chantry, and now that visitors have come they're not important enough to disturb the functional routine.

So Cullen stands alone -- by design. He's at the top of the steps leading to the Viscount's Keep, where the Seekers and the Hands of the Divine must come, eventually. The mages are ready to go into hiding at a moment's notice; the guard, more numerous than Cullen's templars, is watching carefully to carry word.

He rests his hands on the pommel of his sword --

Blessed are the peacekeepers, he thinks, the champions of the just.

-- and waits for what will come.
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