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There's much to be done between the declaration of intent and their actual departure. Leliana sends her messenger birds flying on swift wings to all corners of Thedas, carrying notifications and news, requests and orders.

(The Divine is notified first, of course, before any other birds are sent. Several scouts are dispatched as well, each by different routes, to confirm and to bring word back with minimal risk of a message being lost to blade or bow or spell-strike. It's only prudent, in these troubled times.)

After speaking with Aveline Vallen to ensure that the Guard-Captain is willing to accept her aid, Cassandra directs that one of the first messages be sent to Lord Seeker Lucius Corin in Dairsmuid, requesting that he detach her former apprentice Daniel to Kirkwall for a time. She is blunt about the matter of the Gallows - or, more particularly, that the red lyrium remaining in the Gallows represents a problem that warrants the Seekers' involvement.

(For one thing, the statue of Meredith Stannard cannot remain there forever.)

She consults with Cullen on the needs of his troops, both on the journey to Val Royeaux and in the field after, but leaves their leadership to him as they prepare for departure. It surprises her not at all that he manages that as capably as he does everything else. (She tries not to let him see her concern as he continues the slow and laborous process of withdrawing from the lyrium, and simply does her best to assist if her help is ever requested.)

(It isn't.)

Leliana brings word that Lord Seeker Lucius has agreed to Cassandra's request, and that Daniel will be arriving in Kirkwall within the month. She also reports that she has sent notice to Josephine Montilyet to meet them when they arrive Val Royeaux; the Inquisition will need an ambassador, and Josie is more than well-suited. Between the two of them, they agree that Leliana will go on ahead to make sure that all is in readiness when the ships arrive, while Cassandra will remain to oversee their departure.

A few weeks later, that is exactly where she is: on the docks, watching while Captain Harald commands his crew to load the ships. All else is in readiness, save for one final matter.
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