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She storms out of the interrogation chamber in a towering fury, paying little attention to anyone who might happen to be in her way.

"Blast you, Varric Tethras, you and your tale of the Champion!"

Cassandra stalks the length of the hallway and slams the door open.

"Leliana. It is no use. We must--"

She's two steps into the bar before she realizes that it's not where she expected to be.

As the door swings shut behind her, one hand goes to her sword.

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Two heads lift and turn in her direction almost as soon as she mentions Leliana.

One belongs to an enormous brown mabari hound.

The other belongs to a small, white-haired elven mage. The elf part is obvious, and the mage part probably ought to be, because there's a staff ready-to-hand and leaning against her table, she's wearing blue and silver gryphon-decorated mage robes, and the Fade is always very near when she's around.

The black tattoo spiraling over her right eye and brow is just misdirection. (Or is it?)

A moment later Ysalwen rises, strapping her staff to her back instead of holding it in her hand. (Like hell is she leaving it behind.) Liranan trots ahead of her, holding back an anxious whine by virtue of great effort.

"Drawing that might also draw more attention than you want, if you're still catching your bearings," she offers, pausing quite a few feet away from the newcomer. Liranan goes closer, himself, making for Cassandra's right hand. He, too, pauses several feet away, but much closer than Ysalwen. Is this newcomer nice? Could she be a friend? Has she done something to Lel-friend?
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